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Mar 10, 2022 at 10:53 AM

Indirect valuation of wage type Basic pay


Hello Gurus,

I have two questions regarding indirect valuation of wage types in IT0008.

1. We have country specific wage type that holds years of previous work for same employee, lets call it wt 5006.

That wage type have NUM 2 (years) manually entered, and we need to get AMT field to be result of following formula: NUM from 5006 * 0,5 and then result of 2*0.5=1 should be the percentage taken from AMT WT5000 (basic salary) that is entered manually in IT0008.

So basically AMT5006=(NUM5006*0,5)%AMT5000

2. NUM from WT5006 needs to be automatically increased by one (+1) on every full year of employment.

If I didn't make it clear please be free to ask anything.