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Mar 17, 2022 at 10:19 AM

Operating a multi-tenant solution on BTP CF - 1 GB Runtime = 10 Routes


Dear SAP,

We, as a Gold Partner, run a small portion of our business value on SAP BTP and its Cloud Foundry runtime. We provide SaaS solutions to our customers. These solutions are developed in a microservice fashion and use the multi-tenancy approach. For now, we are running our services on 4GB runtime and are totally fine for now. Besides the huge conceptional failure on the BTP about connecting runtime to available routes.

Let's do a short recap:
For each GB of runtime, 10 routes will be added. While onboarding a new tenant alias customer, we have to add a new route onto each of the SaaS solutinos. These are the core concepts of BTP Cloud Foundry.

Right now, we are blocked in onboard new customers, because we exceed the technical limitations of routes available in our account. We already reached out to the SAP support (see Ticket) to increase the available routes above 40 routes. The only response we got was to add more runtime resources and increase our daily operating costs. This response is not suitable and not satisfying for our needs. The second response (use custom domains) of SAP Support works neither. Our account is billed in the subscription model, the BTP Service Custom Domains is not available in the subscription model according to Discovery center.

Quote from SAP help:
SAP BTP provides a multitenant functionality that allows application providers to own, deploy, and operate tenant-aware applications for multiple consumers, with reduced costs.

Your response from support, the current technical underlying restrictions about routes and the cited quote does not fit together. In the current state, you are telling us the following statements:

  • We should not follow a microservice approach on BTP to save routes quota.
  • Multi-Tenant services on BTP will not run budget-friendly.
  • Technical limitations can only be solved by paying more unneeded resources.

We escalated this scenario inhouse and don't have arguments to go along with these concepts. On top of this, we are blocked in our deployment and sales approach to generate revenue. This is a highly important topic to us, how many facets of regulations we have to face on BTP.