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Mar 08, 2022 at 12:34 PM

Campaign Actions "Create Export File" with Delay


Dear Experts,

Following scenario:

We want to send an email to a target group. If someone in this target group clicks on the link in the email (trigger = click through), this person is to be written to an export file. We want to download this export file after 14 days. Only the contacts who have taken this action (trigger = click through) should be in this file (not all from the target group).

For this purpose I have already run the following test (a bit different from the scenario above):


Now it doesn't fully make sense to me whether it is better to use "New File after", "Delay Export by" or both. Can someone explain to me the exact difference? From "SAP Help" it is not quite clear to me.

Also, in my test, all contacts (= two) from the target group were written to the export file, even though only one had triggered the action (e.g. click through, website download). Does this mean that if the action was triggered once (by one contact of the target group), the export file is created for the entire target group?

Does anyone have another idea how I could implement my scenario?

Thanks in advance!



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