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Mar 08, 2022 at 12:55 AM

New condition types should not consider backorders


Hi Gurus,

We have introduced couple of new condition types which are discounts in the system. Since this were part of the new Pricing project we are working upon, these discounts are not in the Production system.

These are delivery condition types and have scales as well. We set up the following scales in the system.

5 EA - $15 per EA

15 EA - $25 per EA

25 EA - $50 per EA

The condition types are set up in the system and condition record has been created. A Sales Order for 30 EA has been created which picked up $50 per EA discount correctly. 3 Deliveries have been created for 10 EA and subsequently 3 Billing documents have been created. System picked up the discount correctly (changed the Pricing Type in VTFL from C to G).

Unfortunately, we have a huge backlog of backorders and since these discounts are new, business cannot offer these discounts to the customers. Please note, if we do not change the Pricing Type in VTFL from C system is considering $15 per invoice. We also need to be cautious that these condition types are not applied to the backorders when they are delivered. Please suggest a way forward.

Thank you,