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Mar 09 at 09:30 AM

A complicated Availability Control budget checking.


Dear experts,

The customer wants to add another Availability Control budget checking.

However not only based on the Budget Address (e.g. FC, Fund and CI) but to a specific senario of the PO.

I try to elborate on it:

If the PO line has created last year and during the current year someone reduced it, (changing the price and/or the qantity e.g.) the budget returns to the current year as statistical budget. (AVC ledger 9I, commitment ledger 9B.)

The problem is that this budget already alocated to the Budget Address on the previous year, and the customer doesn't want to waste it.

Hence the customer wants that this budget (all of the reduced PO lines, of lines that have created last year but reduced this year) will be available, but only to the specific PO that has been reduced.

Meaning, if there was one line of PO number 4440001 , that has created on 2021, and it had a budget balance, so the customer reduced it (during 2022) by 10 USD, if he wants to use this budget, the customer can Add a new line only to this order 4440001 and using his 10 USD.

If the buyer would have wanted to use the budget by leading of the Budget Address I'd have consider a customer AVC ledger and applying some AVC Ledger BADIs, however as the customer wants to use the budget by the specific PO (that has reduced), I don't know if the standard support it.

Any idea if I can implement it by standard tools?

We use FM, BCS, and we work with Encumbrance Tracking: FY Based (not Periodic Based). The PO defines as the Fiscal Year is determind by the PO date.