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Mar 04, 2022 at 11:59 AM

enable Self Adjusting feature for ER Payroll Expense Tax - Tax type 19 for NY MCTMT NY1P



In TF11.0f TUB 75, BSI has provided a new formula number 2 for tax type 19 for NY MCTMT (tax authority NY1P).

This formula will provide quarterly self adjustment calculation for this tax type 19 for NY1P tax authority.

For this formula number to work, we need to send value 1 in SA parameter in the BSI interface.

But, even after doing the following config, SA parameter still has value 0 in the BSI Interface.

1. We have adjusted feature 10STT to say that tax type 19 is self adjusting.

2. We have changed the formula number in T5UTD for NY1P to the value 2 from 1.

3. As mentioned in documentation for feature 10STT, we have created an entry for NY1P tax type 19 in BTXRATE.

Please let us know how we can get SAP to send value 1 in the SA parameter of BSI interface for tax authority NY1P.

Thanks in advance.