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Mar 04, 2022 at 08:00 AM

E-bidding platform of SAP Ariba


Hi All,

I am currently working for a client who urgently requires an e-bidding platform for its sourcing needs. We are looking at SAP Ariba as one of the options. Any form of guidance on any of the below questions for SAP Ariba would be very helpful. The questions are pertaining to a reverse auction that my client (the buyer) would like to host on SAP Ariba.

  1. How does SAP Ariba's e-bidding platform ensure basic supplier checks in the e-bidding process? e.g. is the supplier legit? What documents does Ariba typically ask suppliers for in order to confirm the supplier's ability to supply the required quantities?
  2. How does Ariba ensure that the supplier will deliver the required amount at the price determined through the bid? Is there some form of legal backing to the bid or is there a legal contract signed at the end of the bid?
  3. In the e-bidding process, where exactly does the buyer specify all the details other than price? e.g. what will be the payment terms? What will be the demand, and to be served in what time? What is the delivery frequency? what is the delivery location? (as this will have a bearing on the final prices that suppliers quote) Is this pre-standardized already as part of e-bidding? Are all these mentioned in the dashboard visible to the suppliers?
  4. What are the payment terms and costing for SAP Ariba?
  5. What information do suppliers have to put in SAP Ariba that is visible to the buyer other than price?
  6. How willing and flexible are suppliers to go above and beyond the quantity determined in the bidding process once they have won the bid on SAP Ariba?
  7. How long does the bidding process run on an average for FMCG companies on SAP Ariba specifically (e.g. few days/a week)?

Thanks and regards,