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Mar 08, 2022 at 08:49 AM

Workzone javascript undefined when navigating after loading arcgis widget

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We developed a geocard widget for workzone. We used the arcgis library to show a map. The widget is shown correctly but when we navigate to another tab page of the workspace a javascript error occurs. Looks like the workzone (sap jam) libaries interfere with the arcgis library. Is there anyone who can help with a certain solution?

Details are below.

Tabpage showing the geocard widget


Switch to another tabpage


Javascript error

Uncaught Error: undefinedModule

at p (init.js:8:46)

at aa (init.js:15:194)

at h (init.js:8:145)

at Object.e.core.modifyUniversalSearchForContextOptions (jam_1-dcb89e92b5087066fb495babe5bdeb93dd1d96a48420d2105f5a3ff827831f52.js:112:10350)

at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (jam_1-dcb89e92b5087066fb495babe5bdeb93dd1d96a48420d2105f5a3ff827831f52.js:113:116)

at HTMLDocument.dispatch (jquery-9fa10aac19270ed292eba66175d1f8eb72ae0b2969d0e618f879874a0377ae34.js:3:16693)

at HTMLDocument.y.handle (jquery-9fa10aac19270ed292eba66175d1f8eb72ae0b2969d0e618f879874a0377ae34.js:3:14669)

at Object.trigger (jquery-9fa10aac19270ed292eba66175d1f8eb72ae0b2969d0e618f879874a0377ae34.js:4:7201)

at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (jquery-9fa10aac19270ed292eba66175d1f8eb72ae0b2969d0e618f879874a0377ae34.js:4:7807)

at Function.each (jquery-9fa10aac19270ed292eba66175d1f8eb72ae0b2969d0e618f879874a0377ae34.js:2:13304)


file: ArcGis.jsIn the code below the arcgis library will be initialized."arcgis_server", "");



], () => ({

require: require


file: Main.controller.js

In the code below the map of the arcgis will be 'shown'.





], (Controller, test, ArcGis) => {

"use strict";

return Controller.extend("nl.xxxxx.workzone.geocard.Main", {

onInit: function() {


this.initializeMap("arcgis-navigation", "geomap", [-122.3321, 47.6062], 12);


initializeMap(baseMapName, mapDivId, centerPoint, zoomLevel) {







], (Config, Map, MapView, Search, ready) => {

ready(() => {

Config.apiKey = "<fill your own>";

// basemap acrgis-navigation => // API-key needed!

// streets => no API-key needed

const map = new Map({

basemap: baseMapName


const view = new MapView({

container: mapDivId,

map: map,

center: centerPoint,

zoom: zoomLevel


// Create search widget

const search = new Search({

view: view


// Add search to the map

//view.ui.add(search, "top-right");

// Find places

const locatorUrl = "";







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