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Mar 08, 2022 at 05:10 AM

maxdb disaster recovery


I have a virtual server with linux o/s sap erp and maxdb version

I do full backup daily and log backup hourly, and these files are saved in a folder on the same server that holds the sap erp engine, sap maxdb database engine and the erp database

I have 2 sites with VMware hardware replicating every 5 minutes using RP4VM software

If I execute a disaster recovery exercise by braking the link between the 2 sites and bringing the linux server server on.

Would it be wise to say that is it safe to start the maxdb and then SAP and achieve 100% consistency?

I put the question because my learning has been that if you do VMware relication that would not ensure database consistency as a proper hot standby database where logs are applied as they become available and with that ensured that a complete committed update is posted into the database and ensure 100% consistency.

I raise the question because the VMware specialist insist that by doing the constant replication between the 2 sites, with intervals of 5 minutes, it will ensure that the database will be consistent on a disaster recovery scenario