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Feb 22, 2017 at 02:06 AM

Issue connecting the Hana Cloud connector to the BOC account


With connecting to on-premise data I am experiencing an issue connecting the Hana Cloud connector to the BOC account.

According to the documentation the information required to link the sap Hana cloud connector are

Landscape Host: <HCP Datacenter where your BOC tenant is running>

Account Name:<HCP account name>

User: <Your S-USER user>

Password:<S-USER password>

In BOC when I add my S user id under data source configuration(only s id is allowed) I get the following information.

Landscape Host:

Account Name:c41exxxxx

User: s00XXXXXXX

When trying to add the account to the Hana Cloud connector, using my s id “s00XXXXXXXX” or my BOC user name “” with the above information I get the following:

“417 An authorization problem occurred when downloading the configuration. Please ensure that the account exists and the user has the appropriate permissions for the account — see ''Logs'' for details”

***I have added the log details below

Is there any way we can check if we are using the correct information?

With my hana trial db account I can successfully see the connection through the cockpit.

Not sure if it matters but when I change to the Australian data center I get the following:

Welcome Colm...

Our records indicate that your user does not have an account at this location

Any help appreciated here.