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Mar 07, 2022 at 10:46 PM

BusinessObjects 4.3 Fiori Sorting questions



I am setting up a new 4.3 SP2 environment and have users performing UAT on the environment.

Two items I am receiving feedback on relate to sort order. In the new Fiori interface, under Folders, the reports are sorted by Title and Favorites. However, this means that Folders show in-line alphabetically instead of all the folders appearing at the top. In 4.2, it split out the folders first then the rest of the content underneath. And while it does this on page 1 of the data in 4.3, when you scroll down further where it has to retrieve more records, it fetches the next set which would include more folders that now fall in-line vs being put at the top. Is there a way to get it to retrieve the folders first, then all the rest of the content without having to set the max records to some very high number?

Secondly, when creating a new WebI Report and selecting a universe from the repository, the list presented is not sorted, and comes back in a random order. While you can click the Name column and sort it, I would assume it should come pre-sorted that way, or have an option to pre-sort that I can't find? Does this exist, or is this not provided in 4.3?