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Mar 03, 2022 at 07:12 PM

Enable Now Input Text - issue with Input Text and Value

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We are having an issue with a Demo of a Notes field that begins with an existing text string (1st sentence), and shows a new text string (2nd sentence) being added to the end of the 1st sentence. The Demo starts by simulating typing the 1st sentence, only goes about 24 characters, then "jumps" to the end and displays both sentences. It looks like a "skip" in the Demo b/c no text is typed after the jump. It just appears.

Does SEN have a character limit for simulated typing of Input Text? Or am I programming this incorrectly?

I entered the 1st sentence in the Value field. 2nd sentence in the Input Text field, and both sentences in the End Value field. This works fine in Practice mode, but it "jumps" in Demo mode. I've attached screen shots. macro-editor.jpg macro-editor-pt-2.jpg 1st-sentence.jpg 2nd-sentence-final-result.jpg

Any advice?


macro-editor.jpg (20.7 kB)
1st-sentence.jpg (21.8 kB)