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Feb 28, 2022 at 11:55 AM

How to handle inconsistent SHMA?


Hello all,

there is a lot of documentation and description about SHMA and SHMO available, which is fine and helpful. But...what about trouble shooting?

What to do when there is an inconsistency because of an object / data update (via transport) or any other reason?


I have linked an approval WF with FD32 when there is a change to the credit limit of a customer. I write the X- and Y- values into an own SHMA.

Now I have the situation that some data was stored in SHMA, the WF was started and then when the approver agreed on the new credit limit the WF/program was not able to access the data because of inconsistency.

Restarting the memory area in SHMA does not help because I loose the data which is already stored. How can I handle such a situation?

Is there some documentation about troubleshooting or for transaction SHMA available?

Warm regards,