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Mar 02, 2022 at 05:04 PM

UOM conversions in IBP... how to deal with roundings vs ERP conversions


Dear community,

We are facing an issue regarding the way the UOM conversion was designed in IBP versus what we know from ECC. For example, we have Product A with Base Unit 'CRN' et a conversion rule in ECC of 1 'PAL' = 1023 'CRN'.

In IBP we need to use a conversion factor, in this case 1/1023 = 0,000978 (rounded).

Now if we want to maintain data using the unit 'PAL' in IBP, for example 3 'PAL', IBP saves 3067,484662 'CRN' which makes 2,999999 'PAL' back.

I understand the internal conversion when IBP is saving data is somehow "hard coded" and we cannot set our own formula.

What are your thoughts about this issue?

I have tried to add an additional attribute to the master data type XXXUOMCONVERSIONFACTOR. By doing this and making it an key figure as attribute and adjusting the key figure formula, I am able to show the correct value.

But if I try to maintain a value, it saves using the unique conversion factor way.