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Feb 25, 2022 at 06:35 AM

Packaging instruction POP1


i am looking for some solution about packaging instruction. We have two level packaging instruction.

Current we have like this:

Item / Item Category / Component / Target Quantity

10 P pallet 1 pcs
20 I second packaging instruction (inside this we have 1 blister and 50 pieces of final product) with target quantity 100 pcs

30 P blister 10 pcs (rule for 10 pcs per one row/level)
40 P cover plate 1 pcs

If pallet is full we pack 5.000 pcs final product on pallet. But at the end we need to put one empty level of blisters at the top (below cover plate). Hot to achieve that? We have item 30 defined for rule if for example we don't have full pallet, that we need to fill empty blisters to fill whole level of blisters.

thanks for answer