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Feb 21, 2022 at 03:42 PM

Marketing Cloud on premises - segmentation on CV and cbo


Hi,experts! I have a following task:

1. my client has Marketing Cloud on premises with S4Hana.

2. my client has calculated attribute ZAMOUNT on segmentation profile in Marketing Cloud based on Calculation view Z_CV_ORDERS from S4Hana.

CV Z_CV_ORDERS is based on the table CUAND_CE_IA_RT

3. Also he has created 2 cbo: ZZ1_LOW, ZZ1_DATE .

4. He wants to change attribute with adding conditions based on data on these 2 cbo ZZ1_LOW, ZZ1_DATE.

As I see , I am not able to add cbo to Hana CV, and I am not able to create CDS based on this CV and cbos and assign cds to segmentation. Advise me some solution,please?