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Feb 17, 2022 at 03:58 PM

SAP b1 event sender http problem


hello, i have some problem with IF (integration framework). (SAP B1 10.0, FP2111, SQL2019 on WINSRV2019)

after installation of IF, event sender will be opened only first time. all further attempts to start the ES setup fail, with the same error: HTTP 503, null

IF-dashbord shows the same error every time:

IPO Step: XCE001 Nested exception: BPE001 Nested exception: XCE001 Nested exception: XCE212 Error while performing HTTP call; HTTP status is 503, null

Canceled transactions :

B1EventDispatcher / Send2iApp / XCE212 Error while performing HTTP call; HTTP status is
500, null

troublshooting B1 ES:

ES is not running or has a high idle time - older ES configuration data from 2022-02-16 20:19:46:937 is available

Check the idle time settings in Event Sender

if i starts EvSend from Windows - the same error - HTTP 503, null. i can not change the settings

all connections in SLD to firmDB, SBO, xcelsius - B1DI, B1SL, JDBC - OK, green

the SBO-client shows everytime no connection with IF

i have full reinstall 3 times the IF, and every time get the same error