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Feb 17, 2022 at 02:02 PM

IAS Implementation and SuccessFactors Integration


Dear SAP-community,

we are currently in preparation of an IAS implementation with SuccessFactors Platform and LMS integration and we have some questions for which we would like to ask the community for support.

1. How is the source information for current external users going to be populated? And how will existing Learning Only users be provided with the Y value?

2. Is an import of data for learning only users to BizX required for external users?

3. Based on the setting - user.connector.defaultValue.lms-origin= sfuser.connector.defaultValue.lms-origin= can accept Y (Learning) or N (HXM Platform) and the advise from SAP that self-registering users are automatically created with User Source System equal to Learning - we do not need any additional setting to identify learning only users, correct? And also we only enable this to N for internal users as external users are automatically assigned the value Y, correct?

4. User Source - Update connector to Y (Learning) and N (Bizx) - Will it create the source automatically for new users who register via the site?

5. Transformation rules - How will this work for existing LMS users?

6. Is the below automatically enabled as part of IAS settings?

“To perform this, you will need to setup OAuth Credentials in SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit, Register Learning as a client with a subscription to Identity Provisioning. Then in Learning> System Administration> Configuration> SAP CLOUD IDENTITY SERVICES populate IPS URL and connection information and set enableRealtimeUserSync to true.”

We thank you so much for supporting us in this as we know that the IAS implementation is required but also a very sensitive topic for most customers.

All the best,