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Feb 17, 2022 at 11:08 AM

Hana Express Installation issue on GCP VM instance

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Hi All,

I have difficulty connecting to webide or any of the xs apps.



I am running hana express xsa on a vm instance on GCP.

I made the vm external ip address static and then mapped the ip address to hxehost in /etc/hosts file both in the vm and my local system.




Because I installed hana express with docker, I logged into SYSTEMDB and executed the following sql code

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('global.ini', 'system') SET ('public_hostname_resolution', 'use_default_route') = 'name' WITH RECONFIGURE;

ALTER SYSTEM ALTER CONFIGURATION ('global.ini', 'system') SET ('public_hostname_resolution', 'map_hxehost') = '' WITH RECONFIGURE;


I also setup a firewall rule to allow both ingress and egress for all ports on my external ip address.

but still I still have a challenge of connecting to webide on my browser.

I noticed that with I do a ping hxehost as hxeadmin, it returns the ip address of docker.


Please I would really appreciate some assistance to resolve this issue.

Thanks for your support.


Stephen Midala


webide.png (29.5 kB)
googlehxehost.png (38.4 kB)
externalip.png (32.7 kB)
hosts.png (36.4 kB)
global.png (17.2 kB)
global.png (17.2 kB)
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