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Feb 17, 2022 at 02:11 AM

Questions about Test Systems


Hello, everyone

This is about PCOE qualifications and Test Systems.

Our company needs to set up Test Systems to maintain PCOE certification

Our client has two systems whose OS is Red Hat Linux 8.4 (the same for both)

We need to install SAP Predictive Analytics, SAP Predictive Factory and SAP HANA DB.

But yet we didn't install, but will soon this year.

My questions are as below

1. Then in this situation, should we have a Test System right now?

2. What OS should we use for the test system? Is this exactly Red Hat Linux 8.4 ?

This can be issue. Because Red Hat Linux 8.4 is expensive, commercial (not free)

Can we use CentOS instead?

3. Should we install PA and Prective Factory both on the Test System?

4. Should we install DB for PA and Factory? Which DB should we install?

Because it is hard to install HANA DB to our test machine.

Also, we cannot install commercial Oracle.

I will appreciate if you can help me with this issue

Thank you and have a nice day