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Feb 10, 2022 at 11:50 AM

Fund Management BCS Availability control at F-59 Level


Dear SAP Expert,

Please help me in Fund Management BCS and provide me with the solution of the below scenario.

Here as per the client requirement, they want the control on the budget at two levels:

  1. Payment budget
  2. Commitment budget

For commitment budget level I had control it at the invoice level and it is working fine.

For Payment budget level it can’t be control as the payment is being approved & made out the SAP system so we didn’t have any standard functionality where it can be controlled.

I think of a solution that as the payment is being made outside SAP system so can we use transaction F-59(which is payment request) and control the payment from this transaction.

Please let me know that is this the right way to go ahead or need any other solution.

Please suggest.