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Feb 10, 2022 at 04:43 AM

Latest Records in SAP DI from SAP BW/4 HANA via Data Transfer Operator


Hi All,

I have a requirement where we need to send data from SAP BW4HANA to Azure Data lake (in CSV) from ADSO via SAP DI using ODP method ( Delta Method )

In the 1st run , SAP DI gets One record marked in Yellow in CSV file

In the 2nd Run, there is a change in the document and hence SAP DI gets 2 records one with record mode X and other one with Record Mode = blank which is after image. Hence, Azure team can filter out the file with record mode = x and get the other record and overwrite the record from the 1st run.

In the 3rd Run, the document gets changed 2 times and it is present in single request. Hence in this case, DI will get 4 records : 2 with before image and 2 with after image. In this case the challenge is to find out the latest record. As we can see the Record mode is blank(after Image) for 2 records ( 2nd and 4th record in 3rd load ). In this case, how ADL team will get to know that which one is the latest record ?

Is there any solution at BW side which we can apply to always send the latest image to SAP DI or if it is possible to add the record sequence in the DSO for ADL team to get the latest record?