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Feb 10, 2022 at 01:45 PM

Trigger Skill Button gets disabled after user response


Hello there,

many customers are unsatisfied with the feature which disables all Trigger Skill buttons in the conversation after sending an answer to the chatbot. This making especially the disambugiation skill less relevant! For example:


Imagine you aren't quite sure which skill to use after the Disambugiation and you try the first button. Then you aren't quite satisfied with the answer and want to check out the other option but you aren't able to.

For the Webchat implementation I tried to change the constant "disableButton" from 'true' to 'false', but then the chatbot stopped working properly.

Please change this feature to working Trigger Skill buttons, so our customers can continue their conversations as normal.
Thank you


image.png (25.9 kB)