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Feb 12, 2022 at 09:05 PM

Strategy profile "strategies" by resource


Hi Experts,

we have two strategies in our strategy profile..

strategy 1 - backward schedule and terminate immediately in case of scheduling error

Strategy 2 - forward schedule and infinite scheduling in case of scheduling error

we have 3 resources and below is the problem I am facing when I do Reschedule function using the above profile for all 3 resources in selection criteria

Resource 1 - System first uses strategy 1 and if successful it moves on to Resource 2

Resource 2 - System uses strategy 1 and it fails. It moved to strategy 2 and successful

Resource 3 - System is using strategy 2 (not trying strategy 1 first)

what I need is, system needs to first check strategy 1 and then move to strategy 2 for every resource. how can I achieve that?