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Feb 17, 2022 at 09:19 AM

SAML SSO BI Launchpad URL throws FWM 20030 post deleting old SIA stopped CMS entry from CMS DB.

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Dear SAP Community,

I sincerely request you please do the needful on below.

Issue: SAML SSO based BI Launchpad URL throws FWM 20030 error post deleting old SIA CMS entry from CMC / CCM and CMS database.

1. Recently, we created new SIA with CMS port 6401 (CMS Server:6401) as part of troubleshooting one issue i.e., SIA_New (for example.).
2. Since SAP suggested that we shouldn't keep two SIAs in one node, we have deleted old SIA stopped CMS entries in CMC / CCM and CMS database.
3. We have rebooted both SIA node and Tomcat node and understand that we're unable to access SAML SSO BI Launchpad. PFA screenshot. Please note that system name and port is still taking server:6400 only in BI Launchpad, though we had new SIA CMS 6401 entry.

Error: Account information not recognized: Could not reach CMS 'Server:6400'. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030)

4. BO version is 4.2 SP5 Patch 11 and Tomcat 8. This environment is having one SIA node and one Tomcat node. We're able to access CMC with port 6401 without any issues.


1. How can we fix this issue with new SIA CMS port 6401?

2. If it is not possible to fix, can we restore CMS_INFOOBJECTS7 table from CMS DB as issue triggered post deleting old SIA CMS entry from CMC / CCM and CMS database?

3. If we want to restore CMS_INFOOBJECTS7 table, do I need to restore FRS (CIFS share) as well? Do I need to restore both CMS_INFOOBJECTS7 table and FRS (CIFS share) at once?