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Feb 14, 2022 at 09:45 PM

Story Parameters

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How to pass a range for year into story which uses a BW query variable

All errors

&v02Par=ZTFI_FY&v02Val=["2021","2022"] error

&v02Par=ZTFI_FY&v02Val=2021,2022 error

&v02Par=ZTFI_FY&v02Val=2021;2022 no error but only 2021 data

&v02Par=ZTFI_FY&v02Val=2021;2022 error

&v02Par=ZTFI_FY&v02Val=2021..2022 error

&v02Par=ZTFI_FY&v02Val=2021-2022 error

&v02Par=ZTFI_FY&v02Val=2021 - 2022 error