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Feb 14, 2022 at 09:10 AM

Get Parameter Values via RESTful webservice

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I would like to know if there's a way to get the list of parameter values via the RESTful webservice on a Crystal Reports 2016 server.

I tried the following GET request:

GET /documents/<docID>/parameters?lovInfo=true/false

However, the server responds with (when using Accept = "application/json")

{ "error_code": "RWS 00005", "message": "Not Found (RWS 00005)"}

What am I missing? Is there something I have to define or specify in the report via the "SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise"?

Also, according to this documentation page: /documents/ /parameters/ ?formattedValues=

When I use 0 as parameterId and true for formattedValues I also receive an RWS 00005 error.
Any help is highly appreciated.

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EDIT: I've added a view on my report with a parameter TYPE. I have defined a list of values PACKAGE_CENTER and CUSTOMER. On a HTTP request to the RESTful webserver I would like to then receive a list of details about that parameter TYPE.

According to this documentation I should expect to get something like (but as said above, I receive an RWS 00005 error):

<parameter optional="false" type="context" dpId="DP1"> 
    <name>Enter TYPE:</name>  
    <answer constrained="true" type="Text"> 
        <info cardinality="Multiple" keepLastValues="true"> 
            <lov partial="false" searchable="true" mandatorySearch="false"> 
                    <value id="2">PACKAGE_CENTER</value>  
                    <value id="1">CUSTOMER</value> 



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