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Feb 10, 2022 at 07:03 PM

Header Property not working properly in HTTP Adapter in SAP CPI


Hello Experts,

I am working on the REST API Integration by using Oauth 2.0 authentication process.

We need to get the "runID" created in before steps by calling another API and I need to append this "runID" into below stated final API call.

Below is the URL;${header.runID}/queryActivityruns

Just prior to Http Adapter configuration step, I've configured Content Modifier and created a Message header and I am using this property in the above mentioned URL as a {header.runID}.

The moment I execute the URL by appending "runID" manually I am able to retrieve the JSON response properly.


Proper JSON data

And, If I append the ${header.runID} as a property to retrieve the JSON response dynamically I am getting the null response (No error or exception over here and only response is Null).



Any Inputs will be highly appreciated!!

Thank you,

Best Regards,