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May 12, 2006 at 11:32 PM

Uploading data to BW from a TEXT file , string fields show error


I am trying to upload a TEXT file to SAP BW:

City Value Date

City1 100.00 20060101

City2 200.00 20060102

City3 300.00 20060103

The text file has 3 fields:


Value (Numc)

Date (Dats)

I have defined a file source system, the infosource and the datasource in order to upload the text file to BW.

When uploading the infopackage of the text file, an error appears for the infoobject of type CHAR (STRING).

The PSA is loading the record but it is in RED status showing that the characters are not allowed in the CITY field.

The upload is made right if i substitute the string with a number, then the upload shows the green light.

I need to upload string values to the CITY infoobject in my infocube, but the infopackage shows the red light when the text file includes characters like 'City1', it only permits numbers in the CHAR field.

Please help me in order to upload a text file with CHAR (string) values to BW.

Thanks in advance for your valuable help.

I am working with CSV files.

Carlos Eduardo España.