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Feb 08, 2022 at 04:27 PM

Purchase Requisition in Subcontracting (Production order)



We have the subcontracting process for production orders.

When the production order is created, purchase requisition is automatically created. So far, so good.

Operation with subcontracting: 4000

Previous operation: 3000


When the previous operation is confirmed with SCRAP quantities, purchase requisistion is still there.

There we have basically a problem, we have no quantities to deliver to the supplier (considering 100% scrap on operation 3000), but we are not able to completely remove the purchase requisition.

Some ideas:

- it is possible to lock the purchase requisistion, no PO creation will be allowed, but the purchase requisition still exists.

- create PO and set the position to "completly delivered"

What would be desired:

- either to completly delete the purchase requisition or;

- somehow to have it created after the previous operation (in this example, 3000) is confirmed with no scrap quantities.

Is anyone awayre if that is possible?

Searching for SAP notes.. so far without success.

Thank you,