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Feb 04, 2022 at 11:59 AM

FIORI Login - Browser Instance


Dear all,

I have a question to the FIORI login handling. Today we use our FIORI apps for mobile devices, here everything is fine, because only one person at the same time has access to the mobile. But now we think about the possibility to set up work stations in our production areas (a simple PC) which is used by several users at the same time. As far as we understood is it not possible to have more than one user per brower instance because of the login cookie. So the first person who logged in created a log in cookie and this one is used by every other user who try to log in afterwards. This is difficult for us. For sure we could say our employees to open a new browser instance but we thnk this won't work because they won't be disciplined enough. We plan further to install something like a smartcard so that the users has a simple login but how does this works together with the FIORI apps and out issue of several users? Are there any experience in the community with such cases? Thanks a lot.

Best regards,