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Feb 08, 2022 at 10:28 AM

PPM Item to PS Project and Budget Transfer Querries


Dear All,

I have integrated PPM Item with PS Project. When I click "Create a Project on Saving" PPM Item creating project PS project automatically as per project template. Though I have below queries for which I need your expert opinion.

  1. I am able to transfer the PPM Item Cost as a budget to this project. But for this, I need to add this project manually in the relationship->Object link tab as "Account Assgmt: Project Definition (PS)"11.jpg
  2. Adding project manually in relationship->Object links is std to transfer the budget/plan cost for PPM to PS or I am missing something?
  3. Is it possible, to add this project automatically after creation here?
  4. Business need PS project should be created at specific decision point status. Let me know can be possible with enhancement or some std configuration we can achive the same?
  5. How I can determine the project number automatically, so the same can be assigned to PPM Item and the entire project creation could be automatically on saving Item?


Atul Rajmane


11.jpg (43.3 kB)