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Feb 07, 2022 at 08:46 PM

Rework Order confirmation error



I've dug through everything and can't seem to find a solution. Here is my situation:

1. Created a standard production order with Quantity 25. Production order has 6 operations (0010, 0020, etc.)

2. At operation 0030 we have a trigger point based on a reason for variance.

3. At CO11N i confirm fully operation 0010 and 0020. (Yield 25/0 Scrap/0 Rework)

4. At CO11N I partially confirm Operation 0030 (Yield 20/0 Scrap/5 Rework)

5. Trigger point activates, Rework order created

No problems

6. The 20 pieces continue the manufacturing process and i confirm them at CO11N fully for operations 0040, 0050 and 0060 (Yield 20/0 Scrap/0 Rework)

7. I then focus the production guys on the rework order so i release it in CO02 (Rework has 2 steps 0010 and 0020)

8. When i confirm the rework order in CO11N i get the following: (Operation 0010) Yield 5/Scrap 0/ Rework 0

"Balancing Field "Segment" in line 002 not filled"

I ignore the error because it lets me save and confirm and i also get:

"Error in Deterimining Actual costs for order XXXXXXX"

I have a few questions that this draws out:

1. Is my process correct, where i am confirming the rework order just like a regular production order?

2. Do I have to do anything with the original production order?

3. What is the "Balancing field "Segment" in line 002 not filled" error mean?

4. I understand what the "Error in determining costs...." means but if my material and original production order have costs why would my rework order not have costs if it is created with reference to a production order?

Thank you for any help you provide in shedding some light on this.