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Feb 03, 2022 at 04:58 PM

Can BTP workflows have a wait for event like old on premise workflows?


Hi all,

I am new to BTP related workflows, although I do have a deep experience on old on premise WFs, and I am currently facing a situation which I am not sure how to sort it out.

Currently, I need to add a "wait for an event" into my WF until an external status change occurs. Let's say I have a document which is on status A before workflow starts, it will be shifted into status B from inside the WF (through a service task) and will then need to Wait, at a certain point, until a user manually does some changes to that document and puts it into status C. At that point, my WF should continue moving forward. This was quite easy with old on premise WFs but I am not seeing whether this is somethig achievable now.

Can you please suggest anything that could pop into your mind?

Thanks !