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Feb 21, 2017 at 05:11 PM

How do I Create & Pack an Externally Assigned Handling Unit into an Inbound Delivery


We have the external number range created and I am able to go into VL32N and enter an external number with the packing material and create and pack the HU.

However, I need to do this programmatically. I am trying to use FM PROCESS_HU_INBOUND_DLVRY, but I get a hard error that V51P - item was not found - process cancelled.

Code is as follows:

*$*$ Setup for create HU

lw_object-object = '03'.

lw_object-objkey = lw_lips-vbeln.

passing the external HU number in p_exidv to the structure

lw_huhdr-exidv = p_exidv.

lw_huhdr-exida = 'F'. " Externally assigned

lw_huhdr-vhilm = pv_packmatnr.

passing the external HU number id to the items structure & to the

I_hu_id export parameter

lw_items-exidv = lv_huid = p_exidv.

lw_items-velin = 1.

lw_items-posnr = lw_lips-posnr.

lw_items-belnr = lw_lips-vbeln.

lw_items-quantity = ls_data_9001-emenge.

lw_items-meins = lw_lips-meins.

lw_items-matnr = lw_lips-matnr.

* lw_items-charg = lw_label_table-charg.

lw_items-werks = lw_lips-werks.

lw_items-lgort = lw_lips-lgort.

* lw_items-vfdat = lw_label_table-vfdat.

APPEND lw_items TO li_items.



i_hu_id = lv_huid

i_new_hu = 'X'

i_update_db = 'X'

i_create_hu = 'X'

i_reference_object = lw_object

i_hu_header_main = lw_huhdr

i_hu_items = li_items

i_save_step = 'ITEM'

i_pack_activity = 'MAT'

i_delivery_type = '7'

i_packing_activity = 'PACK'

i_pack_type = 'MAT'

Anyone have experience with Externally assigned HU number ranges?