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Jan 27 at 02:59 PM

CR2020 and BI 4.2 ??


Documentation I've read states that Crystal Reports 2020 is not compatible with BI 4.2, however I've found that I'm been able to perform the following with CR 2020 against BI 4.2:

Open & download a report from BI 4.2 using CR 2020

Open & run a report from BI 4.2 using CR 2020

Upload & save a report to BI 4.2 using CR 2020, then run report successfully from CMC

Has anyone else been able to use CR2020 against BI 4.2? I'm curious if I'm missing something that while I'm able to perform some basic functionality on BI 4.2 with CR 2020, maybe there's other functionality that may not work properly that I've yet to test?

My reason for needing to know is because I'm hoping to upgrade our desktop users to CR 2020 prior to the rollout of BI 4.3 (reason being that I'll be performing other maintenance on user desktops, and for logistical efficiency, I could install the new version of Crystal Reports at the same time) However I need to ensure that users can still access reports on BI 4.2 via Crystal Reports Services connection until we cutover to 4.3

Versions below.

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Support Pack 5


Crystal Reports 2020 Support Pack 1 Patch 10

Any insight would be MOST helpful.

Thank You,