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Exchange rate upload throuhg Transaction ob08


I need to load automatically the exchange rates which are downloaded from company site which are in pounds every month to transaction ob08

I'm trying to use TBDM to upload exchange rates, and I'm having problems.

I created an excel file according the help information. But when I try to run TBDM, my list and error log file are empty. No error messages, but no results.

I tried saving the file as comma delimited and as tab delimited text file, but neither worked. When I first tried to run TBDM, it wanted me to enter a data provider, so I had to set one up in the Treasury config. Is there other config I need to do? You said something in your message about using Access to make a fixed length file. Apparently I'm missing something.

I am also trying to load through Transaction TBEX but that does work either.

I just want to know from Financials gurus if I am proceeding correctly or not.

I'd really appreciate any hints!


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5 Answers

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    May 13, 2006 at 04:06 PM

    This is the structure

    Fld no. Meaning Cat. Length R/E Description

    1 Data class CHAR 2 R Fixed value '01'

    2 Key 1 CHAR 20 R FROM currency

    3 Key 2 CHAR 20 R TO currency

    4 Market CHAR 15 R Rate type

    data type (e.g. bid, ask, middle)

    5 Date CHAR 08 R Contribution date

    (!!!Format: DDMMYYYY)

    6 Time CHAR 06 E Contribution time

    (!!!Format: HHMMSS)

    7 Value CHAR 20 R Value for data

    8 Currency CHAR 20 E not relevant

    9 FROM curr. CHAR 07 R Factor for units of

    factor FROM currency

    10 TO curr. CHAR 07 Factor for units of

    factor TO currency

    11 Price CHAR 05 E not relevant


    12 Status CHAR 02 E Error status

    (Values 50..99)

    13 Error CHAR,80 E Error message



    Refer the documentation of RFTBFF00.

    The Catch in text file is that yu may have to strictly follow the exact Char length ( may be blank though it is separated by Comma).Then it will work. I tried and it works . If you need any more details please let me know.


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    • Hello,

      The upload file has to be of fixed lenght.There is no field seperator and therfore you need blanks in the file for unfilled parts of the field.

      If using excel as the basis use save as *.prn file. Then with a bit of trial & error adjust the excel column width until you get the correct lenghts for uploading.

      Kind regards

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    May 13, 2006 at 07:44 PM

    Hi Mark,

    Try using the program RFTBFF01 ( File Interface: Generate Request List) which will give you the sample file with the available data in the system.I think Text File format should be the default

    Use the same file format obtained using the above program for uploading the data through the transaction TBDM.

    Hope this hepls.



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    May 16, 2006 at 03:57 PM

    Hi Chitra,

    I have created file with format in text file as

    01, ,12312332121121212121,123DFRDFEDFDSDS,12122004,121212,FDKMFDMKDF , ,usd ,cad , , ,

    and tried to load through TBDM but give error as trasfer cannot be done.

    I found another BAPI named BAPI_EXCHANGERATE_CREATE which also does direct transfer to ob08.

    But I am bit skeptical of the format of the file used for TBDM.

    Would you please send me the format with dummy values as .txt file.

    I would appreciate your help.

    Best Regards,


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    • Former Member

      Hi Satiush,

      Did you find anything on this TBDM....If you have that sample .txt file please send it tome.


  • Nov 19, 2007 at 06:04 PM

    Hi Rk,

    My client also wants upload of exchange rates daily, so, please let me how can i use T.Code TDBM, or if possible send me a sample file.

    Thanks in advance


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    Jan 06, 2015 at 12:35 PM



    This question is very old but when you look for this in Google this is the first page that comes up.

    To make your own uploadable table in Excel you need to follow this structure:

    Required means that you must fill that field and Empty means that should leave it blank.

    The length describes the length of the field. It's very important the length of the field because if you don't use that length then it won't work the upload.

    1 Data Class (Fixed value '01') - Length 2 - Required

    2 Key 1 FROM currency - Length 20 - Required

    3 Key 2 TO currency - Length 20 - Required

    4 Category Interest type - Length 15 - Required

    5 Date Calculation Date (Format DDMMYYYY) - Length 8 - Required

    6 Time Calculation Time (Format HHMMSS) - Length 6 - Empty

    7 Value Value of Data - Length 20 - Required (Use dot for decimals not commas)

    8 Currency Not applicable - Length 20 - Empty

    9 FROM Ratio Translation Ratio from - Length 7 - Required

    10 TO Ratio Translation Ratio to - Length 7 - Required

    11 Other Not applicable - Length 5 - Empty

    12 Status Error status (values 50..99)  - Length 2 - Empty

    13 Error message Error message - Length 80 - Empty

    In excel you can define the column width with right click in the column. Doing that define every column with the previous length exposed. Fill the required fields.

    You should use define every field in "Text" format because numbers like the first one: 01, must be 01 and it won't work with just 1. The same with date, if you have a date like 5012015 it won't work and has to be 8 digits like 05012015 (05.01.2015)

    After you define every column width and define the required fields. Remember to delete the headers if you used them.

    Finally save the file as .prn (Formated Text Space Delimited) and upload TBDM.

    That's it

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