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Jan 27 at 02:06 PM

WebI: Passing BEx prompt variables in an OpenDocument URL


Hello WebI Experts,

I would like to create a WebI Open Document Link between two WebI Reports.

The reports are based on BEx Queries with Prompts "0FISCPER" and "0COSTCENTER".

I would like to pass the FISCPER from user entry of Report 1 to Report 2.

I haven't solved it yet and have already tested a few things.

My actual Link is:

=<a href=\"../../opendoc/openDocument.jsp?iDocID=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&sIDType=CUID&sType=wid&sRefresh=N&lsRZCMI%5FFISCPER%5F001="+URLEncode(""+[Fiscal year/period. - Key (Not Compounded)])+"&lsIZCMI%5FFISCPER%5F001="+URLEncode(""+[Fiscal year/period. - Key (Not Compounded)])+"&lsMZHAM%5FCCTR%5F02="+URLEncode(""+[Internal Budget Overview].[Cost Center - Key (Not Compounded)])+"&lsIZHAM%5FCCTR%5F02="+URLEncode(""+[Internal Budget Overview].[Cost Center - Key (Not Compounded)])+"\" title=\"\" target=\"_blank\" nav=\"doc\">"+[Cost Center - Funding Source (Key)]+"</a>"

and the result of the link is:

<a href="../../opendoc/openDocument.jsp?iDocID=XXXXXXX&sIDType=CUID&sType=wid&sRefresh=N&lsRZCMI%5FFISCPER%5F001=004%2E2018&lsIZCMI%5FFISCPER%5F001=004%2E2018&lsMZHAM%5FCCTR%5F02=11001&lsIZHAM%5FCCTR%5F02=11001" title="" target="_blank" nav="doc">INTERNAL</a>

The values of FISCPER will not be passed. Only COSTENTER values are working.

I don't know what the problem is?

Can anyone please help me?

This Document doesn't help me at the moment.

Regards Marcus