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Former Member
May 12, 2006 at 01:10 PM

Reducing the time interval in file Adpt to write a flat file at a location


Hi All,

I hav a scenario where i hav to write a flat file (<b>XXX.txt</b>) to a location. b4 doing that, i hav to check whether <b>XXX.txt</b> already exists or not. If it doesn't exists then i hav to write the <b>XXX.txt</b> file there. if it already exists, then i hav to wait until that <b>xxx.txt</b> file gets deleted.

In the receiver file adapter v hav an option <b>file construction mode = <u><i>create</i></u></b> which does the same thing. but the problem here is it is taking too long (<b>more than 5 min</b>) which is not at all acceptable in my case (it is ok <b>if it takes 1 min</b>).

Is there any way to <b>reduce the time interval</b> using the same option?

Or do we hav any <b>work around solution</b> for acheiving the same scenario?

any help wud b appreciated.

Thnx in Adv.