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Jan 25, 2022 at 05:02 AM

Cloud Integration used in multi-tenant Fiori Application


Hello All,

We are building couple of Fiori Applications which have action buttons to call Cloud integration endpoints. These Fiori applications are being built as multi-tenant applications. Since the applications are multi-tenant, we DO NOT want to deploy the CPI instance separately to each subscriber's subaccount as this will have cost implications for them.

We imagine to have CPI used centrally in the app PROVIDER subaccount. To have this setup, we think we could use value mapping artifact to hold the repository of different subscriber related endpoint information. This value mapping artifact would then be accessed in iflow to determine the correct subscriber invoking the iflow, based on the tenant ID that will be passed in the input payload.

  • Do you see this as a viable option ?
  • Do you see any license complications by having CPI centrally serving different subscriber's of the multi-tenant applications?
  • Are there any other issues that can possibly come up with such a setup ?

Thanks & Regards

Srinivas Rao.