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Jan 24 at 08:20 PM

Can I preserve Subversion VMS content in a 4.2->4.3 Side-by-Side upgrade ?


Hi Patrick,

We are actively preparing to upgrade our Business Objects WebIntelligence clusters from 4.2 (SP9,Patch1) to 4.3 (SP1,Patch10). We have multiple non-production clusters, and one production cluster - and our preferred method is / has always been to upgrade side-by-side.

But we have an interesting situation with our development cluster. One of our major usergroups has made extensive use of SubVersion, Bobj's integrated 3rd party version management component.

I am curious what your thoughts are about this. Obviously our goal is to preserve the content in the vms repository for our users. If we perform a side-by-side upgrade of this bobj cluster, how do we bring in, and presumably upgrade the content of the SubVersion vms repository?

As I write this inquiry, several more questions occur to me along the lines of an in-place upgrade as an alternate method -Does an in-place upgrade of a bobj cluster also upgrade the contents of the vms? is the version of the vms the same from 4.2 to 4.3? does the subversion vms repository itself need to be upgraded to a newer version?

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.