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Jan 24 at 04:28 PM

Published Crystal Reports incorrectly show selected values twice


I have an odd issue I'm wondering if anyone has solved. This is related to Crystal Reports 2016 Support Pack 9, Version We often put formulas in the page header sections to display the values the user selected via prompts at report-run time. Here is an example of a formula that has this issue:

"Selected Department: " + Join({?Department},", ")

When I run the Crystal report in the Crystal Report's client application on my PC - everything works fine - those formulas display exactly what was selected in the parameters, like this:

Selected Department: 12345678, 98765432

But when I publish the same Crystal report in Business Objects (4.2 SP9), and schedule the report to run, setting the prompts, the first value repeats, like this:

Selected Department: 12345678, 12345678, 98765432

(Excel or PDF, format doesn't matter)

Has anyone figured out the solution to this problem? Thanks ahead of time for your help!