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Jan 25 at 02:49 AM

Deleted a CMS from the cluster, now all publications failing


Hi gurus- not sure what direction to turn. All functionality appears to be working besides scheduled publications.

I deleted 2 nodes from the cluster after ensuring all of those services were moved into existing clusters.

Errors that I am seeing are:

com.crystaldecisions.sdk.exception.SDKServerException: The FRS does not have a CMS connection. (FWB 00060)cause:com.crystaldecisions.enterprise.ocaframework.idl.OCA.oca_abuse: IDL: FRS does not have a CMS connection. (FWB 00060)The server supplied the following details: OCA_Abuse exception 6416 at [authrequest.cpp : 407] 65316 {}...The FRS was unable to contact a CMS to authenticate the request.(FBE60013) 
File Repository Server Failed to download
files for destination with index [1]. is down.