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Jan 20, 2022 at 09:10 PM

ABAPDoc: Warning regarding synchronized Paragraph-tag


Dear Community,

I started to work with ADT some weeks ago and now I have a question regarding some warnings I receive in ADT related to some ABAPDoc-comments.

This is the warning message for which I do not know the reason:

Type Tag '</p>' is not expected. Tag '</p class="shorttext synchronized">' is expected at this position<br>

This is the related coding fragment:

    "! <p class="shorttext synchronized">Reading Material Text</p>
    "! @parameter iv_matnr | Material
    "! @parameter rv_maktx | Material Text
    CLASS-METHODS get_maktx
      IMPORTING iv_matnr        TYPE matnr
      RETURNING VALUE(rv_maktx) TYPE maktx.
    "! <p class="shorttext synchronized">Output of Data in SALV</p>
    "! @parameter ct_tb_data | TB-Data
    CLASS-METHODS show_salv CHANGING ct_tb_data TYPE zwm_t_pvb_order_v2.

The warning tells me to add the class (to synchronize the documentation) as well to the closing-tag which does not make sense for me.

Do you have a hint how to avoid these warnings?

SAP BASIS-Release is 740, SP 10

Thank you very much :)

Kind regards