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Jan 23 at 02:52 PM

stability studies-email creation of lots


Hello all,

I have checked various topics mentioned for stability studies here to get couple of clarification for some business questions. I am familiar with the QM part and the overall process. However, it would great if i could get answer to following points.

1. Business need email function as soon as an inspection lot is created( for initial sample and for inspection lots from scheduled study). I have checked the stability notification (QST01/QM01) and see there are multiple steps and notification has configured with certain screens and also there some actions. My question is exactly where should we configure :

a) if we require to get a mail in initial sample lot creation

b) incase i need to get a mail for users when inspection lots are generated from maintenance plan (through scheduled job). Is there any standard mail function used in IP10 for stability studies.

Sorry for too many queries as i have not worked with mail functionality in notification yet.

Another question is in standard QS notification, can i close the study after initial sample( lot creation) and complete stability study or i have to complete the entire study( like storage for samples,scheduling etc.)

Thank you for your time and support.

best regards