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Jan 21 at 09:46 AM

Data control APPLIED TO a graph (remove one of the field)



I hope you can help ma as I worked for a very long time on the following problem without finding a solution...

On a sheet, I apply different data controls : reason for an absence, service, management of this service...

On this sheet, I have a graph that include 2 fields : absentéisme rate of the management and absenteism rate of the service.

My issue is I can't get the data from the management only because of the data control which selects the service (necessary for one the of the 2 curves).

How can I remove for one of the 2 curves of the same graph the service criteria applied in the data control ?

Thanks en avance pour votre help



image.png (28.6 kB)
image.png (4.9 kB)
image.png (28.6 kB)
image.png (4.9 kB)
image.png (9.2 kB)