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Jan 19 at 10:17 PM

Table Maintenance Generator - How to check which column changed?


Hello All,

When in SM30 using Table Maintenance Generator, I have an event which fires (01 - Before saving data to database) when the user clicks the Save button. When this event fires I can check what <action> occured 'U' - Update, 'N' - New Entry etc.If I'm looking at an internal table called TOTALI can see which row entry in the table was changed with the above <action>. But, how do I check which column was changed? Is there a way to know what the old value in the column was if we can find out which one changed? I looked at EXTRACT and <VIM_TOTAL_STRUC> but none of them contain info like which column changed or what the old values in the changed columns were. How can we achieve this?