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3 days ago

Item Text not appearing on PO screen because I am unable to map it to segment of QuoteMessage


Can anyone guide me that how to populate Item Text and Header text from Ariba while sending PO to ERP.
I have extrinsic segment in CXML QuoteMessage containing Item Text but I am unable to map it to any segment in QuoteMessage Payload.I have tried mapping to few segment but its not visible on Me23n screen. However while creating PO in ERP with reference to RFQ, text are auto populating but when coming from Ariba text are not populating.

<Extrinsic name="Item text">iTEM tExT 10</Extrinsic>

Can anyone guide where to map this segment in QuoteMessage so that I can find this Item text in Item Detail of PO and similarly in Header Text of PO.