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6 days ago

ATP settings when setting up production supply with a separate PSA storage location in EWM


Hi Community,

I am looking for somebody who has successfully setup a PMR-based production supply process in EWM where the components are picked from storage location A (call it AFS from here onwards) and on the PSA a posting change to storage location B is executed (call it PSWM from here onwards).

The steps of the staging process are pure standard:

- Production order is created and released

- Reservations in ERP are created for storage location AFS (this is given on item level of the components)

- PMR is created automatically in EWM

- WTs against the PMR are created and confirmed to the PSAs

- Upon confirmation a posting change in EWM is executed from F2>P2 (triggers the creation of a 411 movement in ERP)

Some time later in the future the components are consumed from the PSA and the reservation is cleared in ERP. My problem is the time window between the completion of the staging process and the consumption of the components (confirmation of the order). In this time window I do have a reservation in ERP on storage location AFS but the stock is already posted to PSWM. This crashes our availability check as the reservation blocks stock on AFS (which is actually available) and the stock on PSWM is available although it should be reserved.

How is this to be solved based on best-practice (the 2-storage-location setup is suggested by SAP so there should be a solution in standard). How do you configure your ATP check on order to consider the reservation on storage location AFS before staging and consider it on PSWM in between staging and consumption/confirmation?

Thanks a lot in advance for everybody who shares his/her experiences here! (especially hoping shailesh mishra could know the answer here ;-))