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6 days ago

Fiori Odata Service is client-independent or not

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Dear SAP Gurus,

Can anyone please guide me on the understanding of Fiori Odata Service and ICF Node ?

I know that the ICF Node is client-independent, but how about the Fiori Odata Service? Odata Service is client-independent or not? Can any gurus help me to explain it?

For instance, if I have activated an Odata Service in client 100 of DEV system, and we create a new client 200 by copy client 100, whether we need to activate the Odata Service in client 200 again?

If the source client is client 000 instead of client 100, which has implemented the Fiori, the result will be different or not?

Thanks and Regards,

Hongxi, Nie

Jan 14, 2022